In the beginning...

Okay, we all have to start somewhere and it's occasionally fun to look back and see from whence we came.  With that in mind, here are some of my very first paintings:

"Winston" Acrylic
"Mt. Liberty"  Acrylic

"Ginny's Still Life" Acrylic

"Red-Tailed Hawk"  Acrylic (sold)

Of course, many paintings have a story behind them, and these are no exception.

"Winston" is a painting of our very special dog who was rescued from the pound just before he was to be put down.  Before I became involved with painting, I had commissioned a portrait of Winston to be a gift for my husband.  I sent several photos to the artist and waited eagerly for the completed painting.  When it arrived, to my dismay, it was merely a caricature on a piece of tile!  I was determined to do better!

"Mt. Liberty" is a mountain in New Hampshire that my husband, Bill, and I climbed when we were dating.  This painting was a gift to him,and it is also the first painting of mine to be accepted into a juried exhibition.

"Ginny's Still Life I" is a painting I did as a commission for a friend of mine.  The summer before, she and her husband, who was an artist, were at a picnic and she took a photo of this bouquet of flowers which was on one of  the picnic tables and asked her husband to do a painting  for her.  He promised to do so, but sadly,  passed away shortly thereafter.  I was honored that she asked me to paint this for her in memory of him.

"Red-Tailed Hawk" was a birthday gift to my oldest daughter who was going to be moving out of state shortly after her birthday.   I knew how she loved Red-Tailed Hawks and wanted to paint this to show my love for her.  Fortunately, she is again living nearby.


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