Albert Handell workshop...long overdue!!!

"Trees"  Pastel by Albert Handell
In September, I had the privilege of attending a six-day pastel/oil workshop with Albert Handell.  Eighteen artists gathered each day to watch as Albert worked his magic.  Albert sold every painting he did at the workshop that week!  Although I was unable to participate in the on-location part of the workshop each day, I did paint at home and have included one of the paintings  in this post.  Bet'cha won't have any trouble figuring out which one it is!
Albert and me.  Yep, I bought it!
Albert's sky demo
Albert painting
"Out in My Own Backyard"  Pastel by Yours Truly


  1. Special! Love both of the paintings.

  2. "Out in My Own Backyard" is simply gorgeous, Lee. I really like it!


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