One week, two workshops!

The week of 10/11 through 10/16 was QUITE a week, and I am finally finding time to update.  Monday through Thursday, I was at a Fred Graff  watercolor workshop learning to loosen up, be more creative, and have fun with experimenting and pushing the envelope while paying attention to composition, shapes, and values.  Saturday found me at a Ken Kirkland pastel workshop and guess what?  I heard a lot of the same words!  Composition, shapes, values!  Wonderful reinforcement!  And, even though it was a different medium on Saturday, luckily the same principals apply, so the transition was virtually seamless.

My watercolor from Fred Graff's workshop
Some additional photos from Fred's workshop:

Deanna at work
Ann finishing up

Karen thinking of Stonington

A very focused group

Sally contemplating

Wanda and Sue concentrating

Karen again...

Sandy's sailboat painting

Ken Kirkland's pastel workshop was also great fun. See for yourself!

My painting from the Ken Kirkland pastel workshop

Ken doing his demo

The whole gang

 Putting in the finishing touches

Capturing a good likeness

Getting those values right

Almost finished


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