Ta-Da...Introducing my new studio!

Can you tell I'm excited?  This past Tuesday my new studio had it's official initiation when I had two of my closest artist friends here to paint and nibble on goodies.  My studio is very functional and, therefore, suits me quite well.  I am absolutely thrilled to have this special space in which to create and am delighted to share these photos with you!
Coming down the stairs...Careful, watch-dog on duty!  Conversation area in fore, matting and framing area in upper right.
View from the bottom of the stairs.  Let sleeping dogs lie.  Note storage shelves.  Yaaay!
Painting and drawing area viewed from near the stairs.
And, viewed from the matting and framing areas.
Computer and conversation areas.
Computer and conversation areas.


  1. Lee, It's beautiful. You're so orderly. wow. I love it. You are so inspiring as usual. My studio looks like a hurricane blew through. :)


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